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FDR seeks to engage the 
dispersed communities within Framingham's town limits and identify common community values to serve as a blueprint for local decision making and economic development plans. 
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FDR volunteer project coordinators, David Anderson and Felipe Sanchez are two recent architecture graduates who created Make a Sound for Downtown, a survey to gain community input that will support streetscape design and landscape architecture, types of businesses and organizations to attract newcomers and locals, and guidelines for sustainable growth. FDR, serving as the project overseer, will use neighborhood gatherings, local classroom conversations, Framingham business outreach and a community-wide forum in early 2014 to engage residents and stakeholders. The community will validate information harvested from these discussions and develop priorities for FDR’s revitalization efforts. FDR will consult with business and civic leaders, educators and municipal officials to guide the process.

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Winter Wonderland
Annual December event and buy local campaign to promote holiday shopping in Downtown Framingham.

Farm Pond Fall Festival 
Annual autumn gathering at Farm Pond Park to kindle public support for the revival of this historic open space as a destination for assembly and outdoor recreation.

Six Mile Moment | Boston Marathon Event 
Patriot’s Day activities created to honor the runners and fans of the historic Boston Marathon. This annual economic engine is an important one for the small businesses of Downtown Framingham, when thousands of visitors migrate to the crossroads of routes 126 and 135 – a premier spot to view the race.

Downtown Framingham Farmers Market
A revival of the original marketplace where Framingham’s rural farms and craftspeople brought local goods to sell and swap.

ArtPOP Series
 A series of events designed to unite and coordinate the robust community of arts and creatives spread throughout the fragmented areas of Framingham separated by Route 9, railroad tracks and independent initiatives.