Framingham State University and FDR have developed a working partnership that has proven to be mutually beneficial on many different levels. The partnership adds a dynamic element to FDR’s revitalization work, and the FSU students who are engaged in FDR’s community-driven efforts learn about local decision-making and community development. Students learn how lessons in the classroom translate in the real working world, and are able to contribute some of these experiences to classroom discussion. Further, students are not inhibited by the old ways of doing things. They exhibit ownership in the conditions of downtown, and show enthusiasm for becoming involved. And the students bring modern ideas to the planning table. 


Designing Farm Pond :: Graphic Design Students from the Art & Music Department (Professor Stephanie Grey)

Marketing Consultation Groups :: International Marketing Class from Economics & Business Administration Department (Professor Sandra Rahman)

FALL 2012 & SPRING 2013

Branding Framingham Downtown Renaissance Community Events :: Advanced Graphic Design Students (Professor Stephanie Grey) 

MarathonFest | Marketing and Organizing an Economic Engine for Downtown Framingham during the 117th Running of the Boston Marathon :: Marketing Methods Students (Professor Sandra Rahman)

Site Analysis of Farm Pond Trails | Creating a Vision to Reconnect this Historic Park and Gathering Place to Downtown Framingham :: Site Analysis Class from the Environmental Science & Geography Department (Professor Judith Otto)

FALL 2013

Media Kit | Creating a Representative Package of Brochures Outlining FDR’s Vision, Accomplishments and Vision :: Graphic Design Students from the Art & Music Department (Professor Stephanie Grey)


6 Mile Moment | Marketing and Organizing an Economic Engine for Downtown Framingham during the 118th Running of the Boston Marathon :: Marketing Management Students (Professor Sandra Rahman)


2012 Germano Lima :: Marketing and Business Administration 

2014 (Spring Semester) Cameron Ommicioli, Besart Bytyqi and Corey LeBlanc :: Computer Science Information Systems

2014 (Fall Semester) Chad Cameron :: Criminology


Marketing Club members volunteer regularly at FDR community events, beginning with MarathonFest back in 2013.